About Us

Aspire is a not-for-profit social enterprise located in Leeds.  Our primary purpose is to provide care and support services to adults with learning disabilities.  Aspire ‘spun out’ of Local Authority control in August 2015 and became a Community Benefit Society with charitable exemption.  The organisation now has the flexibility to improve the range of services we are able to offer to our customers and partners.

2010 John Charles Centre for Sport, 2015 Cultural Awareness Day, 2015 Cultural Awareness Day, 2015 Million a Month - Strawberry Lane, 2015 Kirkstall Coffee Morning, 2013 Aireborough Scarecrow Festival

Meet the Board

Aspire has a Board of Directors whose role it is to make sure the organisation is running well and doing what it was set up to do.  



Meet the Central Management Team

The day to day running of Aspire is managed by Aspire’s central management team.